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Founder image

Ryan Comerford

Founder & CEO

As our name attests, Industrie Tapware is predicated on servicing the renovation industry. With a background in scrap metal recycling and international trading and an affinity for renovating homes in Sydney, founder Ryan Comerford identified a gap in the market and launched the brand in 2018. “Most tapware had to be purchased through retail outlets that rarely, if at all, passed on discounts to the industry,” he says, explaining the genesis of the wholesale brand.

“Designers, architects, boutique builders and bathroom renovations companies were selecting fittings and constructing homes and not getting any direct support from any manufacturers. That didn’t square with me.” Ryan designed Industrie Tapware as a way to sustain small and medium-sized enterprises in the building sector with a polished array of well-priced products. “We see the direct impact of not only helping to change their businesses but also their lives,” he adds.

Meet The Team

Product image

Jessica Witney

Business Development Manager

Product pick: “The Bondi Range. I love a classic pin lever. It adds simplicity and elegance to a bathroom. This is a timeless piece and works well in any setting.”

Favourite finish: “Brushed Nickel is my favourite finish. I love an industrial chic design. This finish is flawless and adds a little point of difference to a home.”

Product image

Akea Scott

Interior Designer

Dream Bathroom: “My dream bathroom is inspired by Balinese bathing spaces. Think natural stone wall and floor tiles, timber vanity, a big stone bath to soak away the stresses.”

Favourite Finish: “I love the impact and elegance of brushed gunmetal. It’s bold, engaging and versatile. When paired with warm tones it adds rich contrast and depth.”

Product image

Katharina O'Donnell

Interior Designer

Dream bathroom: “I have so much fun creating dramatic powder rooms for my clients. Playing with sumptuous finishes and adding texture with interesting splashbacks."

Favourite finish: “Our raw brass collection looks incredible in a moody-luxe bathroom. I also appreciate that it’s the most eco-friendly finish and comes in its natural state.”

Product image

Susan Alexander-Case

Accounts Manager

Dream bathroom: “I love traditional bathrooms with chandeliers hanging over freestanding baths, panelled walls, wall sconces and glamorous mirrors.”

Wow tiles: “Marble tiles, especially when laid in a herringbone or chevron pattern. We have marble mosaics that add personality, style and elegance to a room.”