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Article: Choosing Tapware

Choosing Tapware

Choosing Tapware

When building or renovating a home, choosing tapware is a task that every family will stumble upon. If you don't know quite where to start, you've come to the right place! 

Tapware comes in all different shapes and sizes and different rooms have different tapware requirements. Choosing the right tapware for the right room is imperative in achieving a perfect mesh of function and style. 

Our Choosing Tapware process involves 5 main steps. They are: 

  1. Design Style 
  2. Colour Palette 
  3. Tapware Type 
  4. Family Needs 
  5. Quality & Safety 

Following each of these steps closely will allow you to choose tapware that will be safe, enhance your design style and function perfectly for your family. 

Design Style

Design style is purposely put as the first step in the choosing tapware process as it is likely one of the first things you decide in your renovation or build. 

Will your home be channeling a modern feel or more of a hamptons style? These are important questions to ask as you will need your tapware to flow seamlessly with the rest of your design style. 

For modern designs, we recommend simple fixtures with limited embellishments. Tapware that has a simple rounded style or sharp and square designs, are the perfect tapware choice. Click here for some inspiration from Elle Decor.

For more traditional Hamptons style, we recommend heritage style fixtures. Choosing tapware with knob handles or crosshead handles are the perfect choice for this style. Rawson Homes has this guide for further design inspiration for your Hamptons home. 

Colour Palette 

During the design process, you have likely chosen a colour palette to work with. Choosing tapware that integrates smoothly with these colours is perfect. 

You may even decide that you want to choose tapware that will be used as a feature in your home and choose a colour that will make it stand out. 

Typically, if your home is featuring a range of darker colours, you will choose tapware that matte black or a classic stainless steel vibe. This will provide a more industrial and monochromatic look in your home. 

If your design style is more light and bright, you may choose to use raw brass, brushed nickel or chrome. 

Tapware Type

As we discussed earlier, different areas of your home will have different tapware needs. Choosing tapware that works well in each space is imperative in achieving a beautiful yet functional home. 

    • Kitchen - This space will likely need a wall-mounted or top-mounted faucet tap. We recommend our Cove Kitchen Mixer which comes in a variety of colours. 
    • Bathroom - This space require a lot more tapware then the kitchen. You will need to choose basin tapware, shower tapware, bath tapware and even a bath option. Our Daintree collection offers a super luxe option for every household bathroom. 
    • Laundry - This space is similar to choosing for the kitchen in deciding whether you would like wall-mounted or top-mounted tapware systems. For a laundry space, we recommend our Bondi Pin Lever Extended Mixer with Curved Spout

Family Needs

When choosing tapware, one of the things at the forefront of your mind is how is everything in your home going to integrate with your family life. 

Consideration needs to be had for who is going to use your tapware. If you have young children you may choose pin lever swivel function tapware for its ease. But if you have mostly adults using your tapware, you may choose a more sophisticated option like our Bells Basin Progressive Mixer

Quality & Safety 

On top of design style, colour palette and your personal needs, choosing tapware that is high quality and safe is so important. 

Cheap tapware that fits your design aesthetic may seem like a perfect option but you will be sacrificing quality and safety in the process. 

Our Industrie Tapware, includes all these safety and quality features: 

  • Solid DZR brass construction
  • Neoperl Aerators control water flow, save water and reduce energy costs
  • Kerox ceramic cartridges prevent leaks and smooth water flow
  • Tucai water connector hoses offer advanced corrosion resistance
  • 5-star WELS rating; water efficiency of 5 litres per minute
  • 30-year warranty

Our mission is to provide impeccable style, world-class engineering and exceptionally priced products to bathrooms, kitchens and discerning residential and commercial spaces in Australia. 

Contact Us

If you still need some assistance with choosing tapware that is right for you, please contact our team and they will be happy to assist you with every aspect of your renovation or build process. 

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